Year 5 and 6 Brazil day! 

Year 5 and 6 celebrated a Brazil Day yesterday which included cooking a Brazilian black bean stew , Brazilian coffee biscuits , Brazilian lime lemonade and Brazilian brigadeiros ! They also made a mask or headdress based on an animal that lives in the Amazonian rainforest. It was a fun filled day that ended with a fabulous catwalk and feast !  


Football Competition Winners!

We have a new member of base 4 ! 



Cross Country Races (Telford Rugby Club)

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Base 4’s Greek vase project ! 

I am so impressed with base4’s Greek vase projects ! Thank you to all the parents who helped their children with these over the Easter holidays – Mr Bussey thought some of them were real and that we had taken them from the history cupboard !  


End of Half Term Football Competition 

This half term’s winners:

Getting messy in art! 

Year 5 are copying the style of the artist Margaret Godfrey by using ripped up tissue paper and lots and lots of PVA glue !