Base 5 DT

They are a few photos from our recent DT project – Constructing a slingshot car. The children have used their understanding of air resistance to design and construct their own car to race against each other. They built their own chassis and created the body of the car using nets. We then turned the classroom into a racetrack and the children recorded the time it took for their car to cross the finish line. We even had a ceremony to celebrate the children who had designed the fastest moving cars. In true Formula 1 style, we listened to the national anthem of the winner however,  no champagne was sprayed!

London Trip

Mr Bussey, our Headteacher has been talking in assembly about different themes and has introduced the children to some well known people and pointed out that there were statues of them in London.

He said to the children that if they went to London they should see if they could find some of the statues and have their photograph taken in front of them.

This pupil has done just that and had a great time travelling around London sightseeing finished off by a concert by his favourite band Madness – which, incidentally, was the inspiration for the Suggs costume at the carnival!

Arthog Year 4 2022- last few photos

We had a brilliant time in Arthog. The children loved it and the weather was mostly kind to us.

Activities included climbing and scrambling high above Barmouth with some wonderful views of the beach.

Children challenged themselves with a gorge walk -walking down to the beach via a gorge – with slippy rocks and no set route to navigate.

Team building was tested with a raft build. Children worked together with the instructor to build a raft which was fit to sail on.

Canoeing – children helped the instructor to join canoes together, before sailing around in them. Children had to work out how to steer the boat backwards and forward and also how to spin round in a circle before a splash off which was lots of fun!

Evening activities included a nightline, orienteering with a view and a beach walk with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

We hope that you have enjoyed all the photos on the blog while your children have been away and have enjoyed all the stories about the trip now that they are back! The wifi was not very good on Sunday night, so here are a few extra photos of our day on Sunday.