Base 3 – Euro 2020

Base 3 have been working hard to produce flags of all 24 countries participating in the Euro 2020 championship.

To help keep their interest during the competition they are completing a wall chart each day with the results of all the games.

As part of the fun, each child (including Mr. Smart and Mrs Holloway) has pulled a flag out of a hat and is following that country through the competition to see how far they can get.

Who will be our Base 3 Euro 2020 winner?

Base 5 Art

Base 5 painting went outside this morning to paint ‘en plein air’ in the style of Claude Monet.

Claude Monet is the French ‘Impressionist’ artist that they are currently studying.

They are really glad that they did this in the morning sunshine and beat the rain!

Mair’s lockdown bag!

During lockdown Mair and her Nan made a bag and Mair has sent in some photographs to show us.

Well done Mair – this is really lovely.

Mair had to design and draw templates and make notes on it. 

The Callaghan Family Chickens!

During lockdown, the Callaghan family have been helping out with the chickens. They sent us some lovely photographs which they would like to share with you all. Thank you Evelyn, Seamus and Angus for sending us these photographs – looks like you are working very hard! Hopefully see you soon x

Jessica’s Music

Jessica in Year 4 had a keyboard for Christmas and she has been teaching herself to read music and to play.

She would like to share with you a video of her playing her first tune.

Thank you Jess for sending this in – you have done really well!