William’s Work!


William has been doing lots of work at home.

He has done a dancing raisin experiment and he also made a natural rainbow.

For Beavers, they were asked to dress as a famous painting and William dressed as a Van Gogh self portrait!  

We particularly like the self portrait William – well done!



The Johnson Family Chickens!


From A broody chicken to 6 eggs delivered In the post, 21 impatient days of waiting and then the arrival of 4 chicks! They are all different breeds and so gorgeous.

Sam and Lily wish they could have friends over to see them and have a little cuddle.

Hopefully we can see them before they get too big!

Thank you for sharing this Sam and Lily .

Arts and Crafts with the Stokes family


Harry and Fae have been busy with art & craft activities over the last week – homemade gift boxes and cards for family birthdays.

They used a book about space and the solar system for ideas to make models, a space poster and decorate planets to complete their space window display for the neighbourhood competition.

Fae has also enjoyed making glitter butterflies

These are lovely Harry and Fae – well done!

Fae and the Minibeasts Challenge

This weekend, Fae has enjoyed doing Mrs. Hill‘s challenge about minibeasts. She watched the video and got all the quiz questions correct.

Outside, Fae and Harry spotted woodlouse, spiders, and a snail.

Can you spot 2 spiders in the video clip? The second one is hiding!