Measuring force

Base5 blog we took a couple of photos about measuring forces .
We used force meters to measure stuff like scissors ,jumpers,buckets,diaries and pencils we found out that scissors are very light and buckets are very heavy Callum and Layla weighed a bucket with train tracks in it. Ben and will measured a rubber and Frankie and cordelia measured a chair. We also tried measuring each other. Then we watched a slide show about forces . These are some forces pushing,pulling and twisting. Here are some pictures of what we did in base 5 .














Souper Spicy Souprize in Base 1!

In year 5/6,we’re having a soup off and this is Base 1 making the Souper Spicy Souprize. We have chopped, peeled and stirred determinedly and we will soon be tasting Base 2’s and 4’s soup in the hall. We will see who’s soup will win the contest! We know that base1 will  win!


Today we have found out that the more of the object the heavier it is! We had 1 chair and pushed it was very easy but after we pushed 6 chairs it was much heavier than 1 chair. Push & Pull are the only forces we have found out so far.☔️
The Rain is falling on the umbrella. The rain falls because of gravity.


Fraction Curtains base 5

Which is more money,single curtains ,double,triple?
Which is the less money single,double,triple?
Which would fit better on a classroom window?
Which would fit better on a hotel window?
Which is harder to make?
Which is easier to make?
Why do we have double and triple?
How long would it take to make a triple curtains?
How long would it take to make a double curtains?
How long would it take to make a single curtains?

Think about these in your spear time.


Halfing Chinese melons🍈

In base five math we have been learning fractions. We desighed that we would half avchinese melon that has been shiped ofer from China. We found out that the denomination dubbles each time for example ….
1/2 of 1=1/2
1/2 of 1/2=1/4
1/2 of 1/4=1/8
1/2 of 1/8=1/16
1/2 of1/16=1/36
1/2 of 1/36=1/72
1/2 of 1/72=1/144


D.T Day!

Year One worked very hard yesterday to plan their dream house and make a 3d model. We had space rooms, Frozen rooms, mittens rooms and science rooms! It was a tricky task but we all tried hard, carried on trying and helped each other!