Seren and Alex Home Learning


Seren is in Year 6 and Alex is in Year Two.  Together they  have carried out a project on oceans and sea life. They’ve done lots of research and art work linked to this theme.

Every morning they join in with the Joe Wicks lesson and had lots of fun.

Well done Seren and Alex this all looks really good and interesting.  The children in school and lots of children at home are all doing the Joe Wicks workout too so Mrs Harvey is very pleased!


Mrs Branch’s Reception Challenge No 2


Hello Reception! I hope you are all being super good at home.

This week’s outdoor challenge is all about learning to count in 10s to 100. The game is a little bit like hopscotch – jump along the line as you count!

I have put 10 pens by the side of each number to remind myself  that I am counting 10 things at once, but you could use anything.

You could even throw a soft toy and jump in 10s to where it lands. If you can already count in 10s, try starting at the 100 and doing it backwards!

(Bonnie the dog had to be bribed to have her photograph today – I hid her treats on number 20!)

Mrs Branch

Send in your photos when you do it!  Doesn’t matter if it isn’t today – just send it when you can to Miss Hedges .



Science with Felicity

Last week Felicity planted sunflower seeds which ties in nicely with learning about plants on pg 10-15 in her science book. It’s also something for her to watch grow, water and look after over the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing the updates Fliss!

Jamie and Lewis Howard’s week

Jamie and his brother Lewis from Year 5 have enjoyed walking in the countryside (whilst practising social distancing!), joined in with Joe Wicks most mornings, practiced archery & football skills in the garden. They have also started a mini project on The Solar System (Kylo the kitten was very helpful too!) and Lewis has built a model of a 4 cylinder engine!

Well done boys ! Good to see you keep busy !

Declan’s Birthday

It was Declan’s 10th birthday last week. He said that he had to cancel his party but he still had a good day at home and a really big chocolate cake ! (Mmmm)

He had a new basketball and hoop and also a camera so we are looking forward to seeing some of Declan’s photos for the blog !

Message from Miss Oliver

Miss Oliver has been in the garden this weekend shooting into the hoop and practicing her keepy uppies ! Her record is 7.

She is challenging you all to beat her record and has asked for any tips to improve her score ! Get Mum and Dad to send your videos and tips to Miss Hedges .

Harry Bs birthday!

Harry’s birthday 26th.

He’s really missing his mates so says ‘Hi’ to everyone!

He’s had a day off from home schooling! Haz and his birthday bike! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️

Happy Birthday Harry! At least there was no school today but don’t get too excited you won’t get a day off next year 🤣

Enjoy the rest of your day and Happy Birthday from everyone at Moorfield!