Challenge time in year 2

This week we have linked our challenge time to our trip! We are trying to design a game or toy that could have been used in Victorian times! That means they can not be made from plastic or have batteries in them!  


Pizza in Base 6

First of all, we got the pizza base.

We had to get the ingredients from the kitchen.


We grated the cheese.

We put the tomato puree on.

We spread the puree on the pizza, making sure we didn’t leave any white bits of the pizza base.

We sprinkled the cheese.

We put our toppings on the pizza.

Jack added meatballs to his pizza.

We took the pizzas to the kitchen.

by Nancy



Jack H


Jack B





Making our own pizzas in Base 5

What have we learned?

You must wash your hands before cooking

How to make a pizza

How to grate cheese






















 How to work as a team fairly

How to work safely with sharp objects

How to spread ingredients out

This experience was-

Exciting, fun, splendid, spectacular, super, marvellous, great, outstanding, brilliant and epic!