Base 5 DT

They are a few photos from our recent DT project – Constructing a slingshot car. The children have used their understanding of air resistance to design and construct their own car to race against each other. They built their own chassis and created the body of the car using nets. We then turned the classroom into a racetrack and the children recorded the time it took for their car to cross the finish line. We even had a ceremony to celebrate the children who had designed the fastest moving cars. In true Formula 1 style, we listened to the national anthem of the winner however,  no champagne was sprayed!

Base 8 – Achieving goals in PHSE

Base 8 have been celebrating their success this week!

At the start of term, they each set a goal of something that they wanted to get better at.

Amongst the goals were to get better at writing, football, reading, singing, designing and drawing.

We are proud to say they have all achieved the goal they set and their success is very well deserved!

Well done Base 8! 

People who help us

Reception children have been learning about people who help us.

This includes people who help out around the school , including cleaners, lunchtime staff , kitchen staff , wraparound care staff and office staff.

See if your children know their names!