Which liquid evaporates the quickest?

Our science question, which was asked by Erin, is to investigate which liquid would evaporate quickest over 2 days. The class has split into groups and each investigated 3 liquids. We have one group looking at fizzy drinks in a cold area like the courtyard; one group has fresh orange juice, water and fairy liquid in the staff room; another group is looking at milk, water and apple juice located in our base.

What would your prediction be and why?





Evaporation Experiment

In Base 3 today we have been learning about evaporation. We conducted two experiments. I would really like it if you could comment about the different things that we learnt. Bonus housepoints if you can explain why our experiment at the end wasn’t a fair test. Please remember never to conduct your own experiments with a kettle.



Base 2 make rain gauges

Base 2 are making rain gauges as part of their geography topic of Natural disasters. We have collected empty bottles and cut the tops off them. We have measured 50ml lines on the outside and will place them in the school grounds and in surrounding areas of Newport and Muxton.

Every week we will take the measurements of how much rainfall there has been and record in a table.

I wonder how much rain will fall before we break up for half term?






Snow days

The snow has arrived and school has had to be closed.

What did you get up to on your day off from school? Post your best snow stories or pictures on our blog.