Harry’s Photography

Harry sent us this lovely message this week.  Well done Harry , we love it!


Its Harry. I set my wildlife camera up last night and left some of our dogs food out to see if anything came to eat it and it did! We have lots of videos of a hedgehog eating and exploring. Below is a collage I made of the best bits and I’ve sent you a close up to of it.


From Harry Matthews harryswildlife

Base 8 Challenge

Good Afternoon Base 8,


I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. It has been fabulous  to speak with many of you this week and I have loved hearing about your adventures.


Have a go at this challenge? I found ‘Spring’ was the trickiest word to find in a book but luckily I found it in  the “Little Seeds” book that we read in school.


How many words can you find?





This week I have a maths challenge for you. I want you to search for spheres, cubes, cuboids and cylinders at home and sort them into groups. Please practise describing them using words such as curved, round, straight and pointy. A good question for your adult to ask is, “How do you know it’s a…..?”.
Here are the groups that I made. I’d better put the baked beans back in the cupboard soon though because we are having them for tea later!

Science with Bronte

Bronte did an oil explosion experiment this week and she did a lovely write up about it but currently I can’t add it to the blog for some reason – I will keep trying.


In the meantime, enjoy the experiment – well done Bronte!