Year One Science

Earlier in the week when the sun was shining, the children went outside to look at the different parts of plants.

This little girl was very happy learning about the different parts of daffodils as it was her Granny that had helped with the planting!

Children’s Safeguarding Board

You may already know that we have formed a Children’s Safeguarding Board in our school who meet regularly with a member of staff to work with them on our safeguarding processes in school.

They have recently renamed themselves as the “Safety Squad” and we encourage you to read more information about them below.

Moorfield Safety Squad

We want the children in our school to feel safe when they are here.  We recognise that sometimes people might feel worried about something, and we want children to know what to do if this happens to them.

Our Safety Squad plays an important role in our school community and help children to feel safe and happy when they are here.

They have identified the follow list of things that they do in our school.

  • To talk to people if they need us.
  • To help make people feel safer in school.
  • Passing on information to children about important things.
  • Find out what our children think – this is called pupil voice.
  • Answer questions that children might have.