Gingerbread Week!

We have all been very busy this week thinking about The Gingerbread Man!

In Reception, Year 1 and 2 we were thinking about whether the fox really meant to eat the poor Gingerbread man on purpose, or whether it was all a big misunderstanding!

We had evidence from the old lady, the fox and the other animals who were there!



Who do you believe?

We decided to investigate further! We tested the icing sugar to find out which was the best mixture to use, counting out spoonfulls and recording our data in a table.


Investigating the Fox’s alibi! 

The fox claimed that the gingerbread man’s icing was drippy and a button fell off. He licked his nose because it was tickly! He accidentally ate the gingerbread man! We found out that the icing would have been drippy and the fox could be telling the truth!