Base 4 building bridges ! 

Year 5/6 have a D&T project this term which is to explore building bridges ! Today they have been exploring which is the best and strongest design for pillars and beams. They have diagrams of the cross sections they have to make using card and are testing the strength using weights.  ( Some members of the class are looking far too happy ! ) 


Pyramids continued…

Here are our finished pyramids! A Pharaoh would be pleased to be mummified in any of our designs!

Our specification stated that the pyramid must be 75cm tall, include a tomb, an entrance, hieroglyphics and a sarcophagus.

Some teams also included cursed treasure, booby traps, scorpions and canopic jars.


Pyramid building in Base 6

We began constructing our pyramids this afternoon to a strict specification given by Pharaoh Penfold. Lead architects Mason, Hannah, Lucy, Fin and Harriet made sure everyone had a job to do. 


Base 6 Nature Detectives

We used a checklist to spot mini beasts in the school grounds. We were careful not to get muddy and were surprised to find some vegetables in our allotment!