Meet Base Two

Year 6 children in Base Two have been introducing themselves to the rest of the class and talking about their likes and dislikes and their hopes and dreams.

We have shared a few with you here:

Year One and the Greedy Gator!

Base 8 took Maths outside this week to learn greater and less than.

They had a little help from the Greedy Gator to help them remember how to write the symbol.

You can help your children with greater than and less than at home by using this video link:

Base 5 – Egyptians

Year 3 and 4 are learning about the Egyptians. We were lucky enough to borrow some artefacts from the library and the children in Base 5 enjoyed working with them in their lessons last week.

Children were exploring the Egyptian artefacts linked to their current topic: Ancient Egypt.

The children were thinking about the following questions “What was it used for?”, “What skills were needed to make it?” and “What does this tell us about life in Ancient Egypt?”

Ask your children at home to talk to you about some of the things that they saw.

Base 2 Maths

Children in Base 2 are working on their mental maths this morning.

They are adding mentally, including with large numbers and they are solving reasoning questions involving addition.

Children are learning to add whole numbers mentally by using number bonds and place value knowledge while also learning the place value of each digit in a number.

By the end of the lesson they should understand how to solve a range of reasoning questions involving addition.

As you can see, they were all working hard!

Our Stars of the Week

One of our Moorfield traditions is the Star of the Week Assembly which before lockdown happened every Friday.

Now we are back, we can’t have assemblies in our traditional way but we are having a Star of the Week Assembly every Friday via Teams.

So from now on we will share our stars with you on the blog!

Well done children and don’t forget to return your trophy next week!

Thursday in Year 3/4

Year 3/4 are working on a variety of subjects this morning!

Base 3 have been doing Maths. They have been learning about partitioning and making exchanges.

The are learning that a number can be partitioned into smaller parts, finding out how partitioning can help their calculations and they are practicing exchanging ones for tens, tens for hundreds and hundreds for thousands.

Base 6 were doing literacy when I stopped by and are learning about paragraphs. There were some interesting discussions going on about where writing needs a new paragraph and why.

Ask your children if they can tell you about the 3 T’s! (Time and place, Topic, Talking)

Base 5 are doing music. We learn music with the help of the School Arts Trust (which some of you will know as TACT). Today one of their staff is in and children across the school will have a lesson at some point today – the children in Base 5 were really enjoying it!