Base 8 Maths

Base 8 have been learning about money in maths this week and enjoyed finding the correct amount to make their purchases.

The children were also set some extension homework and Jacob sent his in for everyone to see.

Big Bee Challenge!

Last week , Year 2 were learning about bees and their habitat and as part of this they were making garden prototypes and then the best bits of each prototype were put together as a garden to enter into the Radio Two Big Bee Challenge!

We were so impressed with the work that the children did and the garden has really come together with lots of flowers to attract bees and benches for people to sit and enjoy the garden that the children designed.

Here are a few photographs and we will let you know how we get on.

Base 8 Music

Year 1 were very excited on Friday because they got to play some djembe drums that Miss Cliff delivered! They have been learning about Sub- Saharan African music in their music lessons this term and having these drums really brought the music to life

Base 8 Beans!

Miss Hedges ran out of time before Half Term to add this to the blog.

In Base 8 the children were learning about what plants need to grow and have enjoyed creating their own experiment to see whether their beans will grow without soil.


As you know Reception have been learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar and over half term we had some very exciting news! The caterpillars became butterflies!

The children were all very excited to see them in the butterfly garden and this morning we took them to the forest at the back of our school and watched them fly away!

Fly butterflies fly!

Year 2 Maths investigation

Year 2 have been using daisies this morning for an interesting Maths Investigation.

Eden and Isabella explained to me what they were doing to find out the answer.

The children were all working hard and looking forward to analysing the results later on in the lesson.