Reception and The Gruffalo

Reception have been reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. On Tuesday the children arrived at school to discover that the Gruffalo had sneaked into Reception and scattered flour everywhere. The children made some wanted posters to try to find him and then heard that he had been spotted in the woods. On Thursday they went into the woods and set a trap using a parachute, some food and some branches and leaves. When they came back later their plan had worked and they had caught him! The Gruffalo said that he was sorry for making a mess and the children gave him a cuddle. What a happy ending Reception.



Base 7 have been looking at Vincent Van Gogh and Mrs Marshall has shown them his famous Sunflowers painting.  The children have done their own versions and they are really lovely.




Mrs Hill’s Bubble


Mrs Hill and Mrs Marshall did some lovely work outside yesterday with their bubble.

They were using sticks and stones to make two digit numbers.  The children counted each set of sticks and stones.

Then in the afternoon in the children worked with flowers.  They uncovered the roots on a marigold so that they could see all the parts and labelled them.  The photos of these are on the next post.




More of James!


James has been busy working on addition with the help of mini smarties (great idea James!)

He has also done the 3D shape challenge and has enjoyed playing with his whales and rescuing them when they get beached on the bay!

Well done James – lovely to see you!