Farewell Year 6!

The Year 6 Prom was a great success! I have added a few photographs to Twitter and there are some more below. Some of them (I will let you guess which ones!) have been censored and don’t appear!

Thanks for a lovely evening , thanks to everyone who organised it and enjoy the summer holidays.

Sports Day 2021

Sports Day 2021 was different to our usual Sports Day as children were in bubbles with no parent/carer spectators.

We hope the photos show that the children had a great time! We even had an ice cream man visit half way through!

Base 3 Euro 2020 Update!

Base 3 have spent the last 4 weeks following the Euro 2020 Competition,  from the group stages through to the final, recording all the results along the way.  

It all came down to England v Italy at Wembley, Sunday 11th July.

Here are the winners and runners up of our Base 3 sweepstake.

It’s Coming Home……….next time!!!!!!