Shake It Up!

Are you getting bored of the same old drinks? Do you want a new and better change? Well…  Come to Moore Moorfield on the 17th of June and get some mouthwatering, luscious chocolate milkshakes! Bring 40p for a normal chocolate milkshake, but if you’re more daring, bring 50p for a deluxe chocolate milkshake with marshmallows!! Come at break and lunch for your wonderful milkshakes and if you want more details look around the school for some bright, colourful posters like the one below! Come buy now or else you will regret…


Team carnival stall!

In our group we’re going to do a hook a duck stall and, if you manage to hook one then you’ll  be able to win sweets as a prize. You can have more than one go if you want to ( three goes is the maximum) Around the school there will be more details on our posters.

Exciting Enterprises in Base 1!

The mathematicians in Base 1 have been working on their enterprise schemes in order to make money for the school fund.

Each group has been given a budget of £5 to buy their resources and we will have a range of exciting products for sale at break on Tuesday 16th June in the hall.

All children are welcome to bring some money (max £2) to buy our products. Watch this space for more details from each team!

Plays 2 

We are back here today with more plays

Jack and Jill by Layla,Evie and frankie are very funny.

Now is annrbell Owen will will james Rhys and pria with the three pigs very funny indeed .

Next is  rids Amy maddie anoshka masie and Finlay doing little red riding hood  that are very peaceful and calm asept from fin who is making us all laugh.

Reported by Emily banks.


Today we are practicing plays and then we will perform them in front of everyone we will also give feedback on what we enjoined and what they could enprove  .  We are now going to interview te plays .

The play is called goldilocks and the three bears in this group is Julia, Evie y, Keira ,Zoe and Maahi  I am now watching the play that are doing very good .The next group are  Rowan ,Jacob,ben doing  I spy they are pretty good .the third group are doing the three pigs  in the group is Annabelle , will a , will j ,James, Rhys and Owen pria to . They are ok . The next play is Jack and Jill by Layla ,Evie b and frankie they are  now is Jack and the beanstalk. By Eliza ,Lauren phoebe ,India Cordy Justin they were very funny .
Oliver Maliki mason and aria also did I spy they were also good .

More reviews tomorrow when we perform

Reporter Emily Banks.