Base 6 – Drink more water!

The children in base 6 have been writing formal letters to their parents to request that they encourage their children to drink more water.  Here are the results…

Base 1’s Morning – Maths and Science

In Base 1 today the children were looking at planets and the distance between them. The Maths part was ratio and proportion and the Science part was how the planets were organised and how far away from each other they were. The topic at the moment is Space, so children learned an element of each subject this morning in one lesson.

The children used toilet paper to show a scaled-down version of how far the planets of the solar system are from the sun. If the Sun was by the zebra crossing at the front of school, Mercury would be six sheets of toilet paper away from it and Neptune would be all the way round to the exit gate!

Base 8 Maths

Base 8 have been learning about money in maths this week and enjoyed finding the correct amount to make their purchases.

The children were also set some extension homework and Jacob sent his in for everyone to see.

Big Bee Challenge!

Last week , Year 2 were learning about bees and their habitat and as part of this they were making garden prototypes and then the best bits of each prototype were put together as a garden to enter into the Radio Two Big Bee Challenge!

We were so impressed with the work that the children did and the garden has really come together with lots of flowers to attract bees and benches for people to sit and enjoy the garden that the children designed.

Here are a few photographs and we will let you know how we get on.