Base 5 Science

Miss Oliver’s class have been working outside to see what happens to sound over long distances. They used home-made ‘telephones’ to explore this as this links to our current science topic – sound.

Ukelele Lessons

Music Heroes are in school on Tuesdays delivering ukelele lessons to Year 3 and 4.

Last week they played the chords for ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons and ‘Shake it off!’ By Taylor Swift.  They then progressed onto something more tricky, playing the reggae rhythm, and riff for ‘3 little birds’ by Bob Marley.

All the children are really enjoying their lessons.

Here are some photographs from Base 6 – just look at the concentration on their faces!

Reading in Reception

Today Reception have been lucky enough to have some of our key stage 2 children visit to read them a story. Reception had a lovely time and were really inspired to develop their own reading aloud skills. Thank you children and we hope you can come and visit us again soon.

Reception – Science

As part of their topic on ‘People Who Help Us’ children in Reception made a waterproof outfit for a firefighter on Friday. During the week they had tested lots of different materials by dropping water onto them and observing what happened.

On Friday the children brought in a cuddly toy or doll and dressed it up in a waterproof outfit.

The children really enjoyed this topic and we have added some photographs for you below.

Year 2 RHE

In RHE today ,the children were working on the “Healthy Me” unit of the Jigsaw curriculum.

They were learning about medicine safety including only taking medicine from a trusted adult and only taking the correct dosage.

The children were given a selection of medicines and had to help Jigsaw Jo choose which one would help with a headache.

The children then made posters to help other children learn about the dangers of medicine.