Base 1 Gardening

Base 1 are learning about the lifecycle of plants and flowers and as part of this topic they are weeding and clearing the garden area in preparation for sowing some seeds.

Luckily the rain has stopped!

Year 2 Maths investigation

Year 2 have been using daisies this morning for an interesting Maths Investigation.

Eden and Isabella explained to me what they were doing to find out the answer.

The children were all working hard and looking forward to analysing the results later on in the lesson.

Base 8 – Rainhill Trials

The Rainhill Trials was an important competition run in October 1829 to test George Stephenson’s argument that locomotives would provide the best motive power for the nearly completed Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Stephenson’s Rocket was the only locomotive to complete the trials, and was declared the winner.

Base 8 have loved learning about the Rainhill Trials and in challenge time designed and made their own steam engines before recreating the competition in school.

Base 2 Science

Today Base 2 are estimating the capacity of a variety of containers. They seem to be really enjoying it and are surprised at the differences between each container.

At then end of the lesson they should be able to:

Estimate the capacity of a variety of containers;

Know that Capacity is measured in millilitres and litres.


Reception are looking at the life cycle of a butterfly and we have a butterfly garden in the classroom.

The children are very excited to watch all the changes.

Alina tells us a bit more about it in her video.