Raiders ! Reading task base 5

Why do you think jack was so frightened when Lucy jumped out at him!?

1.Because he thought it was a wolf and he shivered

2.cause he was already frightened cause he had heard about the wolfs.

3. Jack was scared from his dream?

4. Because he was alone and Lucy did it secretly !

5. Because it was getting very dark and that’s when the wolfs come out.


Getting ready for harvest!

This afternoon we have been learning all about harvest and why we give thanks to God for our food. We have been designing a presentation for the harvest festival. Some of us are making up dances and raps. Some of us are writing Harvest poems and drawings. There is even a harvest play!




Programming in Year 5 and 6

Over the next 12 weeks all of the children in Year 5 and 6 are having specialist programming lessons delivered by Burton Borough School. This has been funded by the PTA. In the first lesson Miss Pownell introduced the session by blindfolding pupils and seeing if they could follow a set of instructions. They then moved on to look at the programme Scratch.