Butterflies in Reception!

Mrs Branch spoke to all the children in Reception about butterflies and how they transformed from caterpillars.

The children had caterpillars in the classroom and eagerly checked on them everyday to see what had happened.

They watched the caterpillar grow into a chrysalis and then one day they walked into the classroom and there was a butterfly!

Mrs Branch and the children then released the butterflies and we have added some photographs below.


Last week, Year 5 have had a fabulous day at Haberdashers’ Adams where they took part in a STEAM workshop (science, technology, engineering, art and maths). The task for the day was to construct a rollercoaster for a marble out of art straws and card. The children worked in groups exploring structures and shapes for strength before working on their rollercoaster. There was a huge focus on team work and exploring ideas throughout the day. They all did fantastically well and created some amazing structures.

Newport Show

Every year the school takes part in the Newport Show by having a small stand and also by growing some potatoes to enter in the school competition.

Representatives from the Show came for “The Great Potato Dig Up” .

The children were very excited to see how they had grown. The representative from the Show said that our potatoes looked good!

Sadly they weren’t quite good enough to win – we came fifth. Newport Girls High school won the top prize. We share a site with the Girls High and Mr Bussey joked “perhaps they had better weather!”