Piano Lessons

Music Heroes are in school this week doing their regular lessons.

Lots of children are now learning guitar and piano and also Jenny Burgess is in school teaching woodwind instruments.

Hriday has started to learn piano and has shared his lesson with us today.

Goodnight Mr Tom

Base One are reading Goodnight Mr Tom and today as part of their learning, they have been writing an additional chapter to the story.

Mrs Smith said that there were lots of creative ideas and she was really happy with how hard they were working.

We are sure that the children would be happy to tell you about this lesson and everything that they have learned.

Base 8 Science Week

We have loved science week in Base 8. We completed a scavenger hunt to find different materials in and around school, classified them by their properties and designed an experiment to find out what materials are waterproof and Mrs Gilbert got a little bit wet!. Some new words that we have learned are ‘transparent, opaque, absorbent, translucent , waterproof’. It will be great to use them at home to reinforce their meanings.

DT in Base 2

Last week in DT, Base 2 learned a variety of new skills in woodwork and made mechanical toys from wood.

During the lesson, children learned to use woodworking tools safely and correctly with the help of the staff in the room.

They learned to measure, mark and check the accuracy of the jelutong and dowel pieces that they needed to cut and also to use a bench hook effectively and safely.

Children learned that saws have sharp teeth and can be dangerous if not used properly.

Base 8 and Numbers

Base 8 have been learning about how to use the part-whole model maths and loved using playdough to help them understand it more.

When you get the playdough out at home – ask the children to show you how to do it!

Stars of the Week 9th October

Meet our Stars of the Week!

We thought that we would tell you a little bit more about of the Star of the Week Assembly this week.

The Government COVID re-opening regulations state that we can’t have assemblies at the moment which is the time when the school all get together each week.

We can’t sing in a big group at the moment either, so we wanted to find a way for the children in each bubble to connect with the rest of the school.

During Lockdown we often had a Teams Assembly where children would sit in each bubble and each class would join in -just like you may be using Microsoft Teams for meetings at the moment if you are working from home.

We have continued this since the school re-opened in September. Miss Hedges runs around school delivering the trophies and the stickers (probably the only bit of exercise she gets all week!).

Have a look at this week’s Stars! Well done everyone!