Stars of the Week 9th October

Meet our Stars of the Week!

We thought that we would tell you a little bit more about of the Star of the Week Assembly this week.

The Government COVID re-opening regulations state that we can’t have assemblies at the moment which is the time when the school all get together each week.

We can’t sing in a big group at the moment either, so we wanted to find a way for the children in each bubble to connect with the rest of the school.

During Lockdown we often had a Teams Assembly where children would sit in each bubble and each class would join in -just like you may be using Microsoft Teams for meetings at the moment if you are working from home.

We have continued this since the school re-opened in September. Miss Hedges runs around school delivering the trophies and the stickers (probably the only bit of exercise she gets all week!).

Have a look at this week’s Stars! Well done everyone!

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