Farewell Year 6!

The Year 6 Prom was a great success! I have added a few photographs to Twitter and there are some more below. Some of them (I will let you guess which ones!) have been censored and don’t appear!

Thanks for a lovely evening , thanks to everyone who organised it and enjoy the summer holidays.

Base 1’s Morning – Maths and Science

In Base 1 today the children were looking at planets and the distance between them. The Maths part was ratio and proportion and the Science part was how the planets were organised and how far away from each other they were. The topic at the moment is Space, so children learned an element of each subject this morning in one lesson.

The children used toilet paper to show a scaled-down version of how far the planets of the solar system are from the sun. If the Sun was by the zebra crossing at the front of school, Mercury would be six sheets of toilet paper away from it and Neptune would be all the way round to the exit gate!

Base 4 Maths

Today Base 4 have been outside for Maths and have been working out the age of trees.

Once they have worked out the age, they have also been learning how to convert inches and centimetres.

Base 1 Gardening

Base 1 are learning about the lifecycle of plants and flowers and as part of this topic they are weeding and clearing the garden area in preparation for sowing some seeds.

Luckily the rain has stopped!

Base 2 Science

Today Base 2 are estimating the capacity of a variety of containers. They seem to be really enjoying it and are surprised at the differences between each container.

At then end of the lesson they should be able to:

Estimate the capacity of a variety of containers;

Know that Capacity is measured in millilitres and litres.