Base 4 Maths

Today Base 4 have been outside for Maths and have been working out the age of trees.

Once they have worked out the age, they have also been learning how to convert inches and centimetres.

Base 1 Gardening

Base 1 are learning about the lifecycle of plants and flowers and as part of this topic they are weeding and clearing the garden area in preparation for sowing some seeds.

Luckily the rain has stopped!

Base 2 Science

Today Base 2 are estimating the capacity of a variety of containers. They seem to be really enjoying it and are surprised at the differences between each container.

At then end of the lesson they should be able to:

Estimate the capacity of a variety of containers;

Know that Capacity is measured in millilitres and litres.

Photography Workshop – Deer Park

On Tuesday, the Year 5 children all went to a photography workshop at Deer Park. They had a great time. Miss Cliff’s bubble probably had the best deal with the sunny weather, but Mrs Smith’s bubble also really enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to seeing the photography that the children produce.

Bronte’s Art

Bronte enjoyed her Art Project yesterday and even got her brother Fraser to help.

We hear that she has worked very hard this week and done some lessons in advance so that she can give herself a day off on her birthday!

This looks great Bronte – well done and have a very Happy Birthday!

Base 4 DT

Base 4 have started to create their very own Automata Toy. The spent Thursday using hack saws, using their accuracy skills with measuring and using hand drills.

Apologies for the lopsided photos – Miss Hedges is having trouble with WordPress today and will try again later !

Goodnight Mr Tom

Base One are reading Goodnight Mr Tom and today as part of their learning, they have been writing an additional chapter to the story.

Mrs Smith said that there were lots of creative ideas and she was really happy with how hard they were working.

We are sure that the children would be happy to tell you about this lesson and everything that they have learned.