Seren and Alex Home Learning


Seren is in Year 6 and Alex is in Year Two.  Together they  have carried out a project on oceans and sea life. They’ve done lots of research and art work linked to this theme.

Every morning they join in with the Joe Wicks lesson and had lots of fun.

Well done Seren and Alex this all looks really good and interesting.  The children in school and lots of children at home are all doing the Joe Wicks workout too so Mrs Harvey is very pleased!


Bea’s week so far

Beatrice has been busy this week! She has had guinea pigs to look after and as an alternative to recorder after school club she has been doing DT with her Dad to build them a house .

She has also been back to nature and took her daily exercise in the Deer Park.

She said “it was a great walk around Chetwynd Deer Park in the sunshine today. We saw Canadian Geese, Grey Squirrels, Spring Lambs & Blue birds. Unfortunately no deer.

Thanks for sharing this with us Bea and keep letting us know what you are up to.

Alix’s Day

@MoorfieldPrim Homeschooling going well here. PE: Joe Wicks, a run around the field, HISTORY: 80’s tv appreciation..A-Team and Knight Rider, DRAMA: Alix is on outfit number 4! Winning 🙌🙌🙌

Alix perhaps you need to wear uniform tomorrow to save your Mum washing all these outfits 🤣🤣

Science Experiment Year 5

Harry has been carrying out an experiment at home (under close supervision of his Mum and Dad) and I asked him to write down how he did it.

Harry has a hot wire set and this is how he did it:

LEDs in Parallel

In a parallel both LEDs receive 3V each from the battery and they both light up.It seems as if you are getting more out of the batteries as only 3V is lighting both LEDs, but in reality the batteries will only last half as long as they would if both LEDs were touching each other

Testing Electrical Conductivity

Some materials can conduct electricity (this means that electricity can pass through them), and other materials can’t conduct electricity.

This circuit can test whether different materials are conductors, or non-conductors.

I built the circuit, then I held a spoon across the two terminals  A and B.  I pressed the button and the light bulb turned on!

From Harry Matthews

Well done Harry!  We are all really pleased to see your good work!

We have a video of the experiment on Twitter . Just click on the link. It’s worth a watch!

A bit of fresh air is allowed!

Children can go out in the garden as a break from their schoolwork, especially as the weather is so nice at the moment.

At the weekend Harry was helping his Mum and Dad clear the leaves on the patio.

We think that Mrs Harvey would be very proud because in the Autumn it is a job that she battles with every day!

Well done Harry!leafblowing