The Johnson Family Chickens!


From A broody chicken to 6 eggs delivered In the post, 21 impatient days of waiting and then the arrival of 4 chicks! They are all different breeds and so gorgeous.

Sam and Lily wish they could have friends over to see them and have a little cuddle.

Hopefully we can see them before they get too big!

Thank you for sharing this Sam and Lily .

Harry’s Photography

Harry sent us this lovely message this week.  Well done Harry , we love it!


Its Harry. I set my wildlife camera up last night and left some of our dogs food out to see if anything came to eat it and it did! We have lots of videos of a hedgehog eating and exploring. Below is a collage I made of the best bits and I’ve sent you a close up to of it.


From Harry Matthews harryswildlife

Science with Bronte

Bronte did an oil explosion experiment this week and she did a lovely write up about it but currently I can’t add it to the blog for some reason – I will keep trying.


In the meantime, enjoy the experiment – well done Bronte!

The Howards’ Week!

Jamie and Lewis have both been doing Mrs Hill’s challenges about habitat and food chains.

They have been doing a mini project based on animal habitats following Mrs Hill’s challenges, they read facts, watched documentaries on Disney+ and created their favourite habitathowardsfoodchains

Well done boys!