Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918

Tomorrow , we will hold a minute’s silence in school at 11am.

The Year 5/6 children have been selling poppies all week.

One of our pupils also wanted to share this with other children in his class. He visited his grandparents in the school holidays and while he was there he was talking to his grandfather about his military service medals.

The photograph below shows Theo holding up his great grandpa John’s medals from WW2.  Displayed on the tray on his lap are four medals which were his great grandma Helen’s medals from WW2.  The three medals on the left-hand side of the tray were given for military service in WW1 to his great great grandpa Jack.  Theo’s great grandma Helen was in the women’s army service based in Cyprus; whilst both John and his father Jack were in the British Army.

Base 4 Topic – World War 2

Children in Base 4 are learning about World War 2 and today they used playdough to help them learn.

Children placed three different coloured places of dough on a laminated map – one on Germany and one on the Soviet Union. They chose another colour on the side which was kept for later ( this will become Italy) They moved the dough around , listening to instructions from the teacher, so that it was clear to see the timeline of the first part of the Second World War.


Last week, Year 5 have had a fabulous day at Haberdashers’ Adams where they took part in a STEAM workshop (science, technology, engineering, art and maths). The task for the day was to construct a rollercoaster for a marble out of art straws and card. The children worked in groups exploring structures and shapes for strength before working on their rollercoaster. There was a huge focus on team work and exploring ideas throughout the day. They all did fantastically well and created some amazing structures.

Newport Show

Every year the school takes part in the Newport Show by having a small stand and also by growing some potatoes to enter in the school competition.

Representatives from the Show came for “The Great Potato Dig Up” .

The children were very excited to see how they had grown. The representative from the Show said that our potatoes looked good!

Sadly they weren’t quite good enough to win – we came fifth. Newport Girls High school won the top prize. We share a site with the Girls High and Mr Bussey joked “perhaps they had better weather!”