Today we are practicing plays and then we will perform them in front of everyone we will also give feedback on what we enjoined and what they could enprove  .  We are now going to interview te plays .

The play is called goldilocks and the three bears in this group is Julia, Evie y, Keira ,Zoe and Maahi  I am now watching the play that are doing very good .The next group are  Rowan ,Jacob,ben doing  I spy they are pretty good .the third group are doing the three pigs  in the group is Annabelle , will a , will j ,James, Rhys and Owen pria to . They are ok . The next play is Jack and Jill by Layla ,Evie b and frankie they are  now is Jack and the beanstalk. By Eliza ,Lauren phoebe ,India Cordy Justin they were very funny .
Oliver Maliki mason and aria also did I spy they were also good .

More reviews tomorrow when we perform

Reporter Emily Banks. 

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