Mrs Branch’s Reception Challenge No 2


Hello Reception! I hope you are all being super good at home.

This week’s outdoor challenge is all about learning to count in 10s to 100. The game is a little bit like hopscotch – jump along the line as you count!

I have put 10 pens by the side of each number to remind myself  that I am counting 10 things at once, but you could use anything.

You could even throw a soft toy and jump in 10s to where it lands. If you can already count in 10s, try starting at the 100 and doing it backwards!

(Bonnie the dog had to be bribed to have her photograph today – I hid her treats on number 20!)

Mrs Branch

Send in your photos when you do it!  Doesn’t matter if it isn’t today – just send it when you can to Miss Hedges .



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