Guess the weight of the cake competition

Great thanks go out to Harry and his grandma for bringing in a wonderful, home made fruit cake. To enter this competition you need to bring in 10 pence and write you name next to one of the weights of the cake. The winner will win the cake.

The results for both the cake, dinosaur and dog will be announced next Friday.



Guess the name of the dog

Tom is running a ‘Name the Dog and Dinosaur’ competition. To enter all you need to do is pick a name and pay 10 pence. The person who picks the correct name will win either the dinosaur or the dog. Good luck!




Alton Towers

We have arrived safely at Alton Towers! Team High Voltage were the first through the gates and we’re now waiting to go on Oblivion. We decided the three hour queue for The Smiler wasn’t worth it!


Stars of the week.

This week we have a host of stars in School.


These pupils have been enjoying an after school cookery club with Mrs Shelley.
Harry was awarded the Breakfast club good behaviour award.


Our class Stars of the week. Well done everyone.


We also have some sporting stars who brought their medals to show us.