More Cosford Pics!

Here are some more pictures of our day at RAF Cosford. We all had a lot of fun! All the staff were very proud as we were frequently complimented on the excellent behaviour and attitude of our year 5’s and 6’s. I can’t wait for more school trips! What were your highlights of the day?

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7 thoughts on “More Cosford Pics!

  1. Mrs Bartlett says:

    I had a brilliant day year 5/6. Your behaviour and attitude was outstanding all day and the questions you asked were mature, thoughtful and enquiring. I was so proud of you all. Well done!

  2. Olivia and Izzy says:

    We had a brilliant time at cosford it was very exciting seeing all the planes, some of the planes were massive, the comet was one of the worlds first jet airliner it broke many records. The comet was one of the biggest planes.

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