Should football be bad?
Football should be band because people keep getting hurt but if a half was for football and half
For no footballs and if they get kicked to that half for no footballs they might not get them back.
If some one gets hurt they spend the rest of break in first aid! We had a debate about whether football should be banned.


7 thoughts on “Debating

  1. zac hayes says:

    I think footballs should not be banned because we would be more active and use more energy while playing football.When we have had a good play time we are ready to work hard in class.

  2. jack says:

    I think footballs should nott be band because we have some great footballers and some great athletic people in are school. By practicing with our friends will improve football and also encourage people to play in teams.We can run our energy off and then help us concentrate more in class.

  3. Harry Be says:

    If footballs were to be banned, what we do? It helps us learn teamwork, keeps us fit and is fun, most people in year 5/6 and year 3/4 play with footballs. Most of the boys and some of the girls are in football teams, how would they practice their skills?

  4. Sydney says:

    Sydney. 29th. October 2012

    I think footballs should be banned because people who play football can practice after school and at home or on playing fields. Most people just care about scoring goals and about themselves.

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