Should football be banned?

Year 5and6 used their persuasive skills to have a debate on whether footballs should be banned at playtime. Sam ,Eve and Sarah, for banning footballs, quoted some people get hit ,though the other team, Sadie, Jack and Sam.P stated people don’t play with balls, for instance girls.

The health of lots of people wouldn’t be the same, you wouldn’t be fit for much longer.The practise for training at school would help with any training at nova or all stars. In addition you can play make friends and all make great friendships as well. Collecting the balls off the roof is very boring job for the caretaker, would you want to be in his position?

” It is wasting the money buying all the balls again and again.” Cried out Sam Williams. What’s the point of buying the balls when your not going to play with them?

The motion was denied after voting.



10 thoughts on “Should football be banned?

  1. william g says:

    I think football should be band because lots of people get hurt every day by a football.My second reason is lots of the balls keep on going on the roof and the care taker is fed up of getting balls of the roof.Thats why i think footballs should be band.

  2. alex says:

    I think football should not be band because it is very good exercise but we should be very careful. Could we be abel to bring in are football boots to school and play on the field.

  3. naomi says:

    I think football should not be banned.Little kids have been getting hit so if they will be more careful the should stay and it is good exersie for them.

  4. brendan says:

    I think football should be band Because I keep getting hit by a football and lots of people laugh at me and little kids get hit by them and fall over and cry.

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