Year 5 / 6 take part in STAR

This week year 5 and 6 have taken part in STAR where they are asked to stop, think, act and reflect. During this week they have talked with WPC Ridgewell about drugs, smoking and alcohol. Today they have seen the effects that smoking has on the body as well as having an opportunity to see what illegal drugs look like.

What has been the best part of this week?












7 thoughts on “Year 5 / 6 take part in STAR

  1. Leanne Hilditch says:

    i am glad we took part in star thank you P C Ridgwell it was fun and exciting the things in the jars were pretty discusting though.

  2. Leanne Hilditch says:

    i now feel sorry for Charlie look at her face. Anyone who thinks about someing should think again and look at that photo.

  3. Leanne Hilditch says:

    The best part of this week was trying on the beer goggles, man that was funny how hardly any of us could walk in a straight line. I also enjoyed the pesonality test I got 95 a pure passive. If you don’t know what passive means it’s someone that’s under peer presure (bad presure) will not long just give in.

  4. Baylee! says:

    First thanks PC Ridgwell, it was a blast. I loved the personality test ,like Leanne, I was 48 Assertive, so I was a bit more agressive. Watching the videos were very good, because it tells you what really might happen. I will remember everything for the future,especially the beer goggles

  5. Isobel says:

    STAR was really cool and without it i would no nothing about drugs and the danger they can do to your body!

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