World Book Day

We had a super afternoon making up stories in groups. We had to include the characters that we had come dressed as.



















28 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. Leilani Harris says:

    I loved it when we pretended to sleep, it was fun dressing up and seeing friends outfits. I had fun bringing my books in.
    The teachers dressed as witches and said we were smelly children which was really funny.

  2. William Brisco says:

    On World Book Day I enjoyed making our stories in a group. Dressing up was great fun, I also enjoyed seeing my friends costumes. I liked the teachers coming in and reading us a story.

  3. FREDDIE says:

    I liked all the costumes, especially Zach’s Captain America and Kian’s Iron Man costumes.
    I also liked dressing up as Hulk!

  4. Seren Cartwright says:

    I enjoyed world book day we all laughed about Miss Harvey because she had a beard. It was very funny. I liked the story about Harry Potter.

    Seren Cartwright

  5. Neel Patel says:

    I liked it when William put his Mr Bean mask on.I also enjoyed acting out as Ben-10 and I absolutely loved teacher’s costumes.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I liked William when he put on his Mr Bean costume, and I also liked his superb bow tie!!! Another brilliant part of the day was Mrs Rees’ home-made Fantastic Mrs Fox costume!!!

  7. Lucas Heskey says:

    I liked Ryan’s batman costume because I was superman and Zach was captain America and Freddie was the hulk and it was fun and the teachers were dressed up and miss Taylor had funny teeth and I liked it when the teachers read their favourite books.

  8. Reigen Peate-O'Neill says:

    I liked making the play, especially when I was pretending to drink a potion and turn into a mutant! I liked Tylers knight costume as well as mine. I thought Mrs Rees looked cool as Fantastic Mrs Fox.

  9. Kian Hesbrook says:

    I enjoyed dressing for world book day. I liked Freddie’s costume because the hulk is the strongest super hero. The best thing was the willy wonker play.

  10. Zach Sewell says:

    I loved dressing up at Captain America as it was fun but my favourite was Dennis the Menace because he was funny dancing.

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