Science Week in Reception

This week is Science week in Reception and children are learning about floating and sinking.

For this exercise they are using fruit, and children have been asked to make predictions of what will happen to a particular fruit and why.

They have been explaining what ‘sink’ and ‘float’ means and have been talking with other members of the class, demonstrating that they can use the words in the correct context.

They have told their friends what they think will happen to their fruit when it is dropped in the water and why think this will happen.

They have then moved on to test this by dropping their piece of fruit into a tub of water so that they can see what happens.

After children have done the testing, they have then tried to explain why they think it happened – and there have been some surprises!

There has also been a Maths link with this topic because children have shown that they can use mathematical vocabulary by talking to their group about the weight and the size of the fruit that they have picked.

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