Year 2 Edgmond Walk

As part of their Geography learning this term, Year 2 have been learning about the local area.
They have been learning to use maps and looking at differences between the town and the countryside.
Today, the Year 2 children went on a walk from Moorfield School to the Edgmond Hall Learning Centre.
Wearing wellies and carrying rucksacks, they walked through the town and then into the countryside looking at the environment around them.
Children stopped at several points so they could find where they were on the map, learning how to find North, South, East and West. They also looked at the landscape in the changing seasons.
The children were given an ordnance survey map and also a copy of an aerial map. When they got to Edgmond they worked together to see where they were in relation to their location and found places of interest such as the Wrekin and learned how to find where the town of Telford was. After lunch in a barn they started the muddy walk back to Moorfield and arrived back in time for playtime !

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