Base 5 Maths

Today Base 5 have been working on Multiplication

They have been working on a formal written method (column method) to multiply 2-digit x 1-digit numbers.

They are learning how to use the exchange method.

For example, when multiplying 25 x 2, they need to exchange or carry over a digit to get the answer, but with 24 x2 this is not necessary.

By the end of this morning, children will know that:

a) Multiplication calculations can also be represented using repeated addition

b) Understand what to do when there are ten or more ones in a column e.g. 25 x 2

c) Will be able to solve multiplication calculations that involve exchange using equipment and formal written methods.

In addition to this, it is expected that by the end of Year 3, children should know their 3,4 and 8 times times tables fluently, so it would be useful if you could practice these at home.

Children have access to an online resource called Times Tables Rockstars which will also help them practice.

We have included the link for you here.

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