Our Stars of the Week 28/02/2020


Roman – we are so pleased to see you making such good progress with your times table knowledge! Your hard work at school and at home is paying off!



Lexi and Kyra – You have worked really hard this week in Maths, finding fractions of amounts.  It has been lovely to see your confidence and independence shine!


Tegan – you have a brilliant attitude and work hard at everything you do.


Martha – you always try your best and you are making a real improvement with your reading.  You are polite and helpful and a great member of Base 3!


Lyndon – we have noticed a real improvement in your attitude to work and this is shown in the quality of the work you are producing – keep it up!


Hriday – well done on being polite and good mannered in class this week!


We are so pleased with the way that you have participated in our algebra lessons this week.  Well done – keep up the good work!


Chloe – Chloe is an expert on eggs and was able to name lots of birds! She explained to the class that sheep have lambs and not eggs.


Ava and Zara have been extremely well-organised, helpful and kind.  They are always keen to offer a helping hand to Mrs Buckland and their class mates and they are really good girls – Well done.


Robyn has really impressed her teachers with her “can do” attitude this week.  She has worked hard to learn her sounds and her enthusiasm to read has made Miss Melaniphy and Mrs Gilbert very happy.  Well done Robyn!

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