Base 8 VE Day Challenge

Good Morning Base 8!  We have seen your wonderful VE day video’s and they have really made us smile, your decorations look stupendous! I am sure you will  see and hear lots about VE day tomorrow on the TV and I know many of you are celebrating it at home.

I found this lovely poem online, written by a Year 6, have a go at reading it with your adults at home. I challenge you to count how many different sounds you can find in the poem and write them down, don’t forget to look for the tricky Phase 5 ones too! I have counted them so lets see if we match!

Share as usual via email, the blog or twitter. Or just have fun counting the sounds with your family. I am sure that you will spot more sounds than the adults in your house can because you are all phonics geniuses!

If you want an extra challenge, have a go at writing your own VE Day poem. Remember, this one was written by a Y6 and so it doesn’t need to be like this one.

Have a lovely day celebrating VE Day with your families!”



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