Moorfield June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to everyone who is celebrating a birthday in June!  Remember to send in your photographs on the day – we love to see them and share them with your friends.

If I have missed anyone, please let me know!  Thanks Miss Hedges x

Abbie  A – 1st June

Katie N – 11th June

Isla R – 12th June

Harry H – 13th June

Ruby A – 23rd June

Harry L – 27th June

Paige F – 30th June

Daisy J – 5th June

Louie C – 8th June

Zara C – 15th June

Connor D – 20th June

Amelia M – 10th June

Amie S – 18th June

Cara M – 20th June

Daniel S – 30th June

Thomas R – 26th June

Bella R – 26th June

Arav K 6th June

Harry L – 27th June


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