James and his bug hunt!

James has sent us some lovely photos of his bug hunt.

James found a few bugs & discussed with his Mummy and Daddy where they found the different ones – ladybird on a twig, woodlouse under a rock/brick , worms under plant pots.
When they came back inside, he looked up the woodlouse to check the name & talked about its features as well as the other mini beasts we found.

James then drew each one we found & his Mummy helped him to sound talk & label them. He wanted to also make them in card so he could play with them & he had the idea to make the habitats for them! He made each as we’d found them so on a duplo twig, under a brick /cushion & the worm under its ‘plant pot’!

We researched and talked about why they might like these particular habitats – relating it to what they need/eat etc. James could tell his Mummy and Daddy about it afterwards, what a woodlouse eats etc.

He really enjoyed doing this today! & learning outdoors is always nice 🙂

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