Oriana’s last week of homeschool!

After 8 weeks of home learning, Orianna from Reception wanted to share her last week at home with you.

Oriana dressed up for World Book Day as Golidlocks (her sister was tinker Bell and Marley was Fantastic Mr Fox!)

She made a vegetable cow and pig and we also played number splat (up to 20), jelly Phonics, fun with coloured ice (melting) painting, we talked about 3D and 2D shapes too, also about doubling and practiced all of her phase 3 and 4 phonics using sensory rice and lego we also practiced phase 2,3 4 and 5 tricky words. We also listened to some fairy stories whilst we had fun.

Oriana said her favourite home learning has been making a 3D castle and robot, baking bread like the little red hen and gingerbread men, Phonics jelly and sensory play, going out for walks and playing on her scooter, making dens, painting, celebrating Chinese New year by making a huge dragon, playing with paper boats and watching them float and having lots of snuggles with mommy, daddy and her baby brother Marley and little sister Luccia. (, as well as today’s activities I have included a collage of all of the highlights of Oriana’s home learning) 

Thank you Oriana for sharing this with us – you have done so many things and these photos are a lovely memory of your time in homeschool!

We are all really glad to see you back in school though!

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