Year 2 Edgmond Residential Trip

Last week we recommenced our programme of residential trips and the Year 2 children all went to Edgmond Hall, staying over for two nights.

The adventure started with the children walking from school , along the High Street then along the canal to Edgmond – they were very excited to be walking so far but they all made it!

Once at Edgmond the children did lots of activites during the day, and looked after the animals as well as exploring the grounds of Edgmond Hall and learning all about it.

In the evenings , the children did a night walk on the first night, using torches and also making wishes on the wishing tree.

On the second night, they took part in a campfire , singing songs and toasting marshmallows.

We were very proud of the children and how independent they were. They all carried their own luggage upstairs, arranged their own clothes in their cupboard and made their own beds. At the end of their stay they also stripped off their bedding and packed all their clothes for the return journey. Well done Year 2!

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