Emily Street and the Chocolate Factory – by Lauris

Once upon on a time, there was a little girl called Emily Street she was so obsessed with how she looked and spent hours combing her hair and applying thick brushes to her pale face. She was really vane and gave mean compliments to everyone she met. She would always where the same lilac dress and fur jacket and long pointy high heels. Everyday Emily would straighten her hair to perfection so that not even a tiny strand was on her tiny head. Her long, sharp nails had a sort of f peach colour on and were very glittery. Emily would try and crave attention from anyone she met. Unfortunately, Emily had no friends because off her attitude and behaviour. Emily would always kick and scream when she didn’t get her way. Her mom and dad didn’t help because they gave her everything she wanted and spoiled her rotten.

Emily lived in America near Hollywood and her house was massive. At the front of the house was an arched, wooden porch covered in honeysuckle and roses. The house was made of stone and it had massive, glass windows at the top. As you walked into the house it felt inviting and cosy. Inside the house there was a lounge with yellow and grey sofas and a modern fireplace. The next room was the kitchen it had loads of counters and there was a breakfast bar type of thing. Upstairs there were six bedrooms and they all had different colours in. In Emily’s bedroom there was a double bed, a desk, a mirror and a closet. Emily lived with her mom [Sarah]her dad[carl] and her sister [Kayla.]

The next day, she heard an incredible announcement from the local news broadcast. Willy Wonka had decided to open his enormous   factory to three lucky children if they found a golden ticket hidden within the chocolate bars. If   only   Emily could get one. She energetically ran down stairs and called for her mom, “mommy I want a golden ticket, “ok sweetheart,” replied her mom.

Emily’s dad went to the shop and bought all the chocolate bars he could see and took them home. When he got home, Emily opened them all and the last one had a ticket inside. Seconds later, she revealed that her chocolate bar obtained a golden ticket and that she was on her way to Willy Wonka’s factory.

The next day, Emily arrived at the factory and the noisy crowed bustled with excitement. It wasn’t long before Emily went through the door and was welcomed warmly by Mr Wonka in the entrance. Gathered around her were the other winners of the golden tickets Verruca Salt [a spoiled child] and Augustus Gloop [a very greedy child.]

Soon after, the group were led through a purple door that said on it CHOCOLATE ROOM. Inside the chocolate room there were peppermint candy canes, fluffy, pink marshmallows and a giant chocolate river. Amazed Emily walked over to a giant gobstopper and tried a bit” disgusting” She   said. She carried on looking round when she saw something that caught her eye………

Emily walked over to fluffy, colourful marshmallow and bit a bit off   even though her mom had told her not to eat anything unless she was told to. Then she started getting sticky all over then colourful what was happening to her. Mr Wonka had told the Oompa Loompas to take her to the de-stick room. Then the other Oompa Loompas started singing a song about Emily as you already guessed her mom was not impressed.

After there catchy tune, the Oompa Loompas surrounded the group.  Emily’s   parents who looked unimpressed at Mr Wonka who was really enjoying the performance. Soon after, Mr Wonka’s instructions, the Oompa Loompas led Emily and her mom through the purple door once again. Unfortunately, Emily left the factory with nothing to show from her visit. Her vanity had gotton the better of her. From now on she was a little bit more considerate towards others. She will have less attitude and wont always want everything she sees.

Later that day, Emily left the factory through the green, big courtyard and through the iron gates moving a tiny bit differently. Who can say whether she will ever be the same again?

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