Sebastian and the Chocolate Factory – by Harry

Sebastian was the most jealous and ignorant boy you will ever meet. Seb spent hours setting traps and steeling video games. He had always admired   how he looks and what he wore   . It took him three days to choose some close for bedtime   . He always admired his stripy, gleaming Jaguar by his side. He always wore thick    ,   diamond samurai  armour and thick, titanium samurai swords.

Seb’s house was on the border of   Athens    . just ahead   of the entrance   were six statues of dragons guarding the entrance door but it was hard to get to the door because… it floats   .    Inside the house   was a zoo library   ,   30 bedrooms , cellar  and spa room. It had thick diamond chandeliers, It also   has a virtual   reality room a learning room   it has four rockets   six boats and a Pokémon maker machine.

The next day   ,    Seb  heard an  incredible  announcement  from the local  news broadcast . Mr willy Wonka   had decided   to open   his   haunted   , mysterious  factory to three lucky , ordinary children  if they found a golden ticket  hidden within  his ordinary bar of chocolate  .IF only Seb could find one . he jumped on the chairlift and called   for dad. In the morning Seb climbed into   his Porsche    and   brought fifty million on his forty millionth he got one    all the rest he gave to his    Jaguar   .

The next morning  ,  Seb arrived at  the factory and the noisy   ,    bustling crowd  spun with excitement .  It wasn’t long   before Seb   went into    the factory   and was warmly welcomed by Mr Wonka in the entrance    . Gathered   around   Mr Wonka were   the   other   winners of   the golden tickets   .  Zhang Whang   and Lewis   Lettis   .

Soon after  , The group  were led through a wide , open door and into the Chocolate room  inside was incredible.  Even Zhang  dropped his video  game console and  stared  oh Lewis was  just playing with the… Chocolate Dragons. Inside  were beautiful meadows but  Seb is going to have a  shock     .  He pushed down a lock and instantly the  game of thrones dragon burst out of the bars and ate  Seb  and then he turned into a dragon  after they took him to the Childrenation machine   unfortunately Seb  left the  factory empty handed .

He returned to his Aztec house and who knows if hell ever be the same again.

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